Abstracts 2014

77th Meteoritical Society Meeting
Casablanca, Morocco, September 8-12, 2014

Amari S., Sabe Y., Shiraishi T., and Matsuda J. (2014)
Noble gases in the Hamlet meteorite (LL4).
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5048.

Croat T. K., Bernatowicz T., and Jadhav M. (2014)
Isotopic anomalies preserved within internal grains in high-density presolar graphites.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5354.

Floss C. and Brearley A. J. (2014)
Presolar grain abundance variations in the unique carbonaceous chondrite MIL 07687.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5183.

Gyngard F., Avila J. N., Ireland T. R., and Zinner E. (2014)
Evidence for large-scale dust migration in the Milky Way from presolar grains.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5343.

Haenecour P., Floss C., and Zega T. J. (2014)
Spatial variation of presolar silicate abundances in CO3 chondrites: correlation with aqueous alteration?
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5042.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Wang A., and Yada T. (2014)
Raman spectroscopy of organic matter in Antarctic micrometeorites.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5039.

Hoppe P., Pignatari M., Fujiya W., and Zinner E. (2014)
Presolar SiC type C grain M7-D: isotopic fingerprints from explosive He-burning.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5051.

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., Groopman E., Gyngard F., and Seidman D. N. (2014)
Isotopic composition and trace element abundances of a presolar SiC AB grain reconstructed by atom-probe tomography.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5367.

Liu N., Davis A. M., Gallino R., Savina M. R., Bisterzo S., Gyngard F., Dauphas N., and Pellin M. J. (2014)
The carbon-13 pockets in AGB stars and their fingerprints in mainstream SiC grains.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5429.

Meshik A., Pravdivtseva O., and Hohenberg C. (2014)
Primordial terrestrial xenon revisited.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5423.

Pravdivtseva O., Meshik A., Hohenberg C. M., and Krot A. N. (2014)
I-Xe system of Hammadah al Hamra 237 CB chondrule: supporting evidence for late high-energy forming event.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5400.

Stroud R. M., Gyngard F., Nittler L. R., and Zinner E. K. (2014)
Transmission electron microscopy of the Bonanza supernova SiC grain.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 49, #5535.

45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Houston, TX, USA, March 17-21, 2014

Croat T. K., Bernatowicz T. J., and Jadhav M. (2014)
TEM studies of high density presolar graphites from the Orgueil meteorite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1441.

Croat T. K., Floss C., Haas B., Kearsley A. T., and Burchell M. J. (2014)
Survival and condition of submicron refractory grains in Al-foil craters.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1508.

Fujiya W., Hoppe P., Zinner E., Pignatari M., and Herwig F. (2014)
A born-again AGB star origin of type AB silicon carbide grains inferred from radiogenic sulfur-32.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1515.

Groopman E., Nittler L. R., Bernatowicz T. J., Croat T. K., Zinner E., and Kilcoyne A. L. D. (2014)
Diversity in carbon K-edge XANES among presolar graphite grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1492.

Gyngard F., Avila J. N., Ireland T. R., and Zinner E. (2014)
More interstellar exposure ages of large presolar SiC grains from the Murchison meteorite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2348.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Jolliff B. L., Zega T. J., Bose M., and Carpenter P. (2014)
Presolar silicates as tracers of fine-grained chondrule rims in CO3 chondrites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1316.

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., Daulton T. L., and Seidman D. N. (2014)
New atom-probe tomography data and improved techniques for meteoritic nanodiamond analysis.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2607.

MacPherson G. J., Davis A. M., and Zinner E. K. (2014)
Distribution of 26Al in the early solar system: a 2014 reappraisal.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2134.

Orthous-Daunay F. R., Thissen R., Vuitton V., Flandinet L., Moynier F., and Zinner E. (2014)
Molecular complexity of interstellar origin in large polymeric compounds from Murchison.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2575.

Pravdivtseva O., Meshik A., Hohenberg C. M., Krot A. N., and Amelin Y. (2014)
I-Xe age of a non-porphyritic magnesian chondrule from the Hammadah al Hamra 237 CB carbonaceous chondrite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2456.

Wiesman H., Floss C., Haenecour P., and Wang A. (2014)
Search for ultra-carbonaceous particles in the interplanetary dust collection.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #1509.

Westphal A. J., Stroud R. M., Bechtel H. A., Brenker F. E., Butterworth A. L., Flynn G. J., Frank D. R., Gainsforth Z., Hillier J. K., Postberg F., Simionovici A. S., Sterken V. J., Allen C., Anderson D., Ansari A., Bajt S., Bastien R. K., Bassim N., Bridges J., Brownlee D. E., Burchell M., Burghammer M., Changela H., Cloetens P., Davis A. M., Doll R., Floss C., Grün E., Heck P. R., Hoppe P., Hudson B., Huth J., Kearsley A., King A. J., Lai B., Leitner J., Lemelle L., Leonard A., Leroux H., Lettieri R., Marchant W., Nittler L. R., Ogliore R., Ong W. J., Price M. C., Sandford S. A., Sans Tresseras J.-A., Schmitz S., Schoonjans T., Schreiber K., Silversmit G., Solé V. A., Srama R., Stadermann F. J., Stephan T., Stodolna J., Sutton S., Trieloff M., Tsou P., Tyliszczak T., Vekemans B., Vincze L., Von Korff J., Wordsworth N., Zevin D., Zolensky M. E., and 30714 Stardust@home dusters. (2014)
Final reports of the Stardust ISPE: seven probable interstellar dust particles.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2269.

Zega T. J., Haenecour P., Floss C., and Stroud R. M. (2014)
Extraction and analysis of presolar grains from the LAP 031117 CO3.0 chondrite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLV, #2256.”