Meteorite Deep Zoom

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Data provided here can be used in publications with citation R. C. Ogliore, Earth and Space Science, 2021, in review and acknowledgement text: “Data from the Meteorite Deep Zoom database was used in this work”. 

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Carbonaceous Chondrites

Renazzo CR2 (N1126) discussion

Orgueil (with x-rays) CI discussion metadata

Tagish Lake C2-ung discussion

Acfer 094 (with x-rays) (old) C2-ung (USNM 72337) discussion metadata

Murchison CM2 discussion

Mighei (with x-rays) CM2 discussion metadata

Aguas Zarcas (with x-rays) CM2 discussion metadata

Acfer 182 (with x-rays) CH3 discussion metadata

DOM 14359 (with x-rays) CO3 (,6) discussion metadata

DOM 14305 (with x-rays) CO3 (,5) discussion metadata

DaG 749 (with x-rays) CO3 discussion metadata

Tarda (with x-rays) CY discussion metadata

Allende (with x-rays) CV3 discussion metadata

Efremovka (with x-rays) CV3 discussion metadata

NWA13543 CV3 discussion

Isheyevo (C7) (with x-rays) CH/CBb discussion metadata

Isheyevo (C6) CH/CBb discussion

Isheyevo (C4) CH/CBb discussion

Enstatite Chondrites

Qingzhen EH3 discussion


Kapoeta Howardite (USNM 6733 1) discussion

Cumberland Falls Aubrite (ASU 24-C3) discussion

Cumberland Falls Aubrite (ASU 24-C2) discussion

D’Orbigny Angrite discussion

Angra Dos Reis (with x-rays) Angrite discussion metadata

Erg Chech 002 (a) (with x-rays) Ung. discussion metadata

Erg Chech 002 (b) (with x-rays) Ung. discussion metadata

NWA 12217 (with x-rays) Ung. discussion metadata

Ordinary Chondrites

NWA 11175 (with x-rays) L5 discussion metadata