Presolar Grain Database

Welcome to the Presolar Grain Database

You are welcome to use the data for any professional or personal use.

Please reference it as:

K. M. Hynes and F. Gyngard, 2009, Lunar Planet. Sci. 40, Abstract #1198

T. Stephan et al., 2024, ApJS, 270, 27 (SiC)

T. Stephan et al., 2024, Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 59, Abstract #6388 (Graphite)

(However, if you are only using data from a few papers, please reference the individual papers instead, in order to give proper credit to the authors.)

All reported errors are 1σ.

The database is maintained as individual Google Sheets documents (these can be exported to Excel, etc.), except for the SiC database which is an xlsx (Excel) or csv (comma separated value) file.



Oxides & Silicates




If you wish to contribute to the maintenance of the presolar grain database, or have questions or corrections, contact Ryan Ogliore.

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