Graduate Opportunities

You can join us as a graduate student in Space Sciences…


How Do I Join Your Space Sciences Group?

We are always looking for a few good students to join our group. All of our graduate students are members of the traditional science departments at Washington University, principally Physics and Earth and Planetary Sciences. So, to join our group, you need to be admitted to graduate study in one of these Departments. You can find out more about how to do this by following the links at the bottom of this page and/or by contacting one of the group faculty members.

Can I Afford to Do This?

Definitely. In general, the traditional science departments at Washington University will not admit you as a graduate student unless you qualify for either a teaching assistantship or fellowship (no teaching required). So, if you qualify for admission, you will get a nine – month stipend during the academic year. In addition, your tuition will be waived by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Students who join our group are encouraged to participate in research during the summer months, and are paid a salary matching what they earn during the academic year.

Each Department offers a variety of fellowships, and those interested in Space Sciences also have the opportunity to be considered for the McDonnell and Astronaut Fellowships offered by the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, of which our Space Sciences Group is a part. These fellowships pay somewhat more than traditional Department fellowships and assistantships. For more detailed information, please contact Prof. Ryan Ogliore.

What’s In It for Me?

As a graduate student member of our group, your opportunities are limited only by your drive and imagination. Through interactions with scientists from a variety of fields (both from our group as well as visiting scholars), you get a first-rate education in basic research and the problem-solving abilities necessary for a career in academics or industry. In general, our students have several publications in well-respected scientific journals before they graduate, often as first author.

Can I Get a Job Afterwards?

Yes! Most of our past graduate students have gone on to pursue exciting careers in either the space sciences or related fields of study. Check out our alumni page for further details.

Our group and its graduates are among the most vigorous and distinguished practitioners in the field. Dozens of students that have worked in our laboratory (since the late sixties) are employed as professors, research scientists and staff at universities, government laboratories, and industrial research laboratories.

Contact Information

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Laboratory for Space Sciences
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