Abstracts 2018

81st Meteoritical Society Meeting
Moscow, Russia, July 22-27, 2018

Amari S. and Kagi H. (2018)
Carbonaceous Phases in Goalpara

Haas B. A., Floss C., and Ogliore R. C. (2018)
FIB-TEM Study of 6 Submicron Crataters from Stardust Foil C2113N-A.

Lewis J. B., Floss C., Isheim D., and Seidman D. N. (2018)
Study of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars and Type II Supernovae via Nm-Scale Isotopic Analyses of Presolar Silicon Carbide by Atom-Probe Tomography

Liu N., Stephan T., Boehnke P., Gallino R., Cristallo S., Trappitsch R., Davis A. M., Nittler L. R., Alexander C. M. O’D., and Pellin M. (2018)
Stellar Origins of Presolar Y and Z Grains: Constraints from their Molybdenum Isotopic Compositions

49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Houston, TX, USA, March 19-23, 2018

Amari S., Kita N. T., and Gyngard F. (2018)
Oxygen isotopic composition of presolar graphite grains from Murchison fraction KFB1.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1818.

Bhadharla P. and Lewis J. B. (2018)
An electropolishing cell and procedure to prepare correlated TEM/APT sample holders for presolar grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2345.

Bose M., Till C., and Floss C. (2018)
Chronometry using diffusion in presolar silicate grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1524.

Chen H., Meshik A. P., Pravdivtseva O. V., Day J. M. D., and Wang K. (2018)
Evaporative fractionation of potassium isotopes during the first nuclear detonation and implication on the formation of the Moon.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1609.

Croat T. K., Brownlee D. E., Joswiak D., J., and Ogliore R. C. (2018)
FIB-TEM studies of a giant cluster interplanetary dust particle.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2469.

Haas B. A., Ogliore R. C., Westphal A. J., Croat T. K., and Floss C. (2018)
Study of fine-grained material recovered from a Stardust aerogel track using plasma asher preparation.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2245.

Haenecour P., Howe J. Y., Zega T. J., Wallace P., Amari S., Floss C., Lodders K., Kaji K., Sunaoshi T., and Atsushi M. (2018)
Microstructure and inclusions of in-situ and acid residue presolar graphite grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1330.

Haenecour P., Howe J. Y., Zega T. J., Wallace P., Atsushi M., Takeshi S., Kaji K., Floss C., and Yada T. (2018)
Mineralogy and 15N-rich organic matter in the fine-grained Antarctic micrometeorite T98G8: evidence for a cometary origin?
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1507.

Lewis J. B., Bhadharla P., and Floss C. (2018)
Development of a technique to prepare ~100 nm presolar SiC for atom-probe tomography.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #1174.

Liu N., Gallino R., Davis A. M., Trappitsch R., Stephan T., Boehnke P., Nittler L. R., Alexander C. M. O’D., and Pellin M. (2018)
New constraints on the major neutron source for s-process nucleosynthesis in AGB stars.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2035.

Meshik A., Pravdivtseva O., and Burnett D. (2018)
New analyses of solar wind xenon: confirmation of earlier Genesis mission results and their implications.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2883.

Ogliore R. C., and Malaer J. B. (2018)
Microcraters in disaggregated regolith breccia meteorites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2506.

Ogliore R. C., Lewis J. B., Utt K. L., Nagashima K., Krot A. N., Joswiak D. J., and Brownlee D. E. (2018)
Oxygen isotopic composition of a cometary enstatite ribbon: evidence for condensation from 16O-poor gas in the outer solar system.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX, #2539.

Pravdivtseva O., Meshik A., Tissot F. L. H., and Dauphas N. (2018)
I-Xe studies of aqueous alteration in the Allende CAI curious Marie.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIX,