Zinner Impact Symposium

The two-day symposium (held February 3-4, 2007) consisted of invited talks and contributed posters, and centered around secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and its applications in the earth and space sciences.

For decades Ernst Zinner’s work focused on the development and use of SIMS to address outstanding problems in cosmochemistry, geochemistry and nuclear astrophysics. Through innovative development work on the Cameca ims 3f ion microprobe in the 1980s and more recently on the NanoSIMS, and through the many students, postdocs and visitors that he has trained over the years, Ernst created a lasting legacy that resulted in cutting edge research in the study of extraterrestrial materials.

In addition to paying tribute to Professor Zinner’s many achievements, the meeting highlighted the current standing of research in the various fields that have benefited from SIMS applications. A special issue of Meteoritics and Planetary Science was dedicated to Ernst in conjunction with the symposium.