Sachiko Amari

Sachiko Amari received her Ph.D at Kobe University in Japan in 1986 for the study of noble gases of extra-terrestrial material in deep-sea sediments.

She worked as a research associate in the Chemistry Department at the University of Chicago for 2 years starting in 1988.

There with Drs. Edward Anders and Roy S. Lewis she developed a procedure to extract carbonaceous presolar grains from the Murchison meteorite. She joined our group in 1990 and work has been mostly devoted to isotopic analyses of presolar grains and their interpretation.  Since 2008 she is Research Professor of Physics.

Sachiko Amari is interested in the characterization of presolar grains and probing the events that occurred in the early solar system by using isotopic information.

Office Contact Info

Degree: Ph.D., Kobe University, 1986
Office: Compton 454
Sachiko Amari
Laboratory for Space Sciences
Physics Department, CB 1105
Washington University
1 Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, USA
Phone: (314) 935-6248
Fax: (314) 935-6219

Selected Publications

Amari S. (2009). Sodium-22 from supernovae: a meteorite connection. Astrophys. J. 690, pp. 1424-1431.

Amari S. (2009). Presolar diamond in meteorites. Publ. Astron. Soc. Australia 26, pp. 266-270.

Matsuda J., Tsukamoto H., Miyakawa C. and Amari S. (2010). Noble gas study of the Saratov L4 chondrite. Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 45, pp. 361-372.