Abstracts 2017

Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting
Saint Louis, MO, USA, August 6-10, 2017

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., and Seidman D. N. (2017)
Distinguishing meteoritic nanodiamonds from amorphous carbon using atom-probe tomography.
Microsc. Microanal. 23, doi:10.1017/S1431927617004056.

Haenecour P., Zega T. J., Howe J. Y., Wallace P., Floss C., and Yada T. (2017)
Investigation of the nature of capping layer materials for FIB-SEM preparation: implications for the study of carbonaceous material in extraterrestrial samples.
Microsc. Microanal. 23, doi:10.1017/S143192761700976X.

Floss C. (2017)
The application of auger spectroscopy in planetary science: elemental analysis of presolar silicate grains.
Microsc. Microanal. 23, doi:10.1017/S1431927617011321.

Haas B. A., Stroud R. M., and Floss C. (2017)
FIB/STEM investigation of four impact craters from the Stardusst comet sample return mission foils.
Microsc. Microanal. 23, doi:10.1017/S1431927617011618.

80th Meteoritical Society Meeting
Santa Fe, NM, USA, July 24-28, 2017

Amari S., Kita N. T., Gyngard F., and Lugaro M. (2017)
Oxygen isotopic study of high-density graphite grains from the Murchison meteorite (CM2).
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6059.

Avila J. N., Ireland T. R., Lugaro M., Cristallo S., Holden P., Lanc P., Nittler L., Alexander C. M. O’D., Gyngard F., and Amari S. (2017)
Rare earth element abundances in presolar SiC.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6076.

Koch I. and Floss C. (2017)
Microanalytical investigation of fine-grained matrix material in Elephant Moraine 92042: effects of parent body processing on primitive components.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6013.

Haas B. A., Floss C., Kearsley A. T., and Burchell M. J. (2017)
Characterizing comet 81P/Wild 2 with Tagish Lake analog foils.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6246.

Haas B. A., Stroud R. M., and Floss C. (2017)
FIB/STEM study of 2 Stardust ISPE craters from foil 1031N,1.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6316.

Harvey R. P., Righter M., Karner J. M., Hynek B., Keller L., Meshik A., Mittlefehldt D. W., Radebaugh J., Rougeux B., and Schutt J. (2017)
In situ thermal imagery of Antarctic meteorites and their stability on the ice surface.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6113.

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., Gyngard F., and Seidman D. N. (2017)
Multi-scale carbon isotopic analyses show Allende nanodiamonds are mostly solar with some presolar.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6320.

Ogliore R. C., Wang K., and Chen H. (2017)
Searching for contemporary supernova dust in deep-sea sediments.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6065.

Villalon K. L., Floss C., Stephan T., Boehnke P., Koch I., Kööp, L., and Davis A. M. (2017)
Strontium, molybdenum, and barium isotopes in the matrix of Acfer 094.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6405.

Zega T. J., Haenecour P., Floss C., and Howe J. Y. (2017)
Polycrystalline presolar spinel identified in the Dominion Range 08006 CO3.0 chondrite.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 52, #6319.

48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Houston, TX, USA, March 20-24, 2017

Amari S., Kita N. T., Gyngard F., and Lugaro M. (2017)
Oxygen isotopic composition of high-density presolar graphite grains from Murchison.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #1947.

Croat T. K. and Ogliore R. C. (2017)
Improved techniques for Auger quantitative analysis and spectral imaging applied to Stardust tracks and meteorite thin sections.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2549.

Floss C., Finkel J., Haas B., Kearsley A. T., Burchell M., and Price M. (2017)
Hypervelocity impact experiments of isotopically enriched projectile materials: understanding presolar grain loss in Stardust cometary samples.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #1104.

Gyngard F. (2017)
The chemical evolution of Ti isotopes in the Galaxy: presolar grains, local M dwarf stars, and model predictions.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2940.

Haas B., Ogliore R. C., and Floss C. (2017)
Application of plasma ashing to the study of Stardust mission aerogel.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2058.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Zega T. J., Croat T. K., Wang A., Jolliff B. L., and Carpenter P. (2017)
Pre-accretionary aqueous alteration of dust in fine-grained chondrule rims: evidence from presolar grain abundances and mineralogy in primitive CO3.0 chondrites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2222.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Ogliore R., Wang A., and Yada T. (2017)
Presolar grain in micrometeorites: evidence for the injection of supernova dust into the solar nebula.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #1080.

Koch I. and Floss C. (2017)
Abundances and compositions of presolar grains in CR2 chondrite EET 92042.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2984.

Koeman-Shields E. C., Huss G. R., Westphal A. J., Ogliore R. C., Jurewicz A. J. G., Burnett D. S., and Nagashima K. (2017)
Investigating the impact of solar wind hydrogen on the measurement of solar wind magnesium.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #xxxx.

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., and Seidman D. N. (2017)
Normalized distributions of nanodiamond 12C/13C isotopic ratios from Allende by atom-probe tomography.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2555.

Ogliore R. C., Dwyer C., Krawczynski M. J., Eisele M., Filiberto J., and Craigg H. C. (2017)
Infrared spectroscopy for the non-destructive identification of presolar grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2310.

Ogliore R. C., Westphal A. J., Nagashima K., Huss G. R., and Croat T. K. (2017)
The oxygen isotope composition of comet Wild 2 grains from the bulb of Stardust track 184.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2355.

Pravdivtseva O., Meshik A., Hohenberg C., Varela M. E., and Gerarduzzi M. F. (2017)
Neutron-capture 128Xe in the San Juan mass of the Campo del Cielo IAB iron meteorite: evidence for a high fluence of thermalized neutrons.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #1593.

Schrader D. L., Nagashima K., Fu R. R., Davidson J., and Ogliore R. C. (2017)
Evidence for chondrule migration from dusty olivine chondrules.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #1271.

Villalon K. L., Floss C., Stephan T., Trappitsch R., Koch I., Kööp L., and Davis A. M. (2017)
From presolar to solar silicates: resolving the ancestry of siicates in primitive solids.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #3029.

Westphal A. J., Bastien R., Butterworth A. L., Jilly-Rehak C. E., Ogliore R. C., and Tomsick M. (2017)
Oxidation state of Fe in giant cluster interplanetary dust particles.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLVIII, #2135.