Abstracts 2013

76th Meteoritical Society Meeting
Edmonton, Canada, July 29 – August 2, 2013

Croat T. K., Floss C., Kearsley A. T., and Burchell M. J. (2013)
Survival of submicron refractory presolar grains in Stardust and Stardust analog craters.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5280.

Floss C., Noguchi T., and Yada T. (2013)
Hydrogen and nitrogen imaging of ultra-carbonaceous Antarctic micrometeorite TT54B397.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5230.

Groopman E., Bernatowicz T., and Zinner E. (2013)
An unusual low-density supernova graphite grain with a nanocrystalline core.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5072.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Wang A., and Yada T. (2013)
Large nitrogen isotopic anomalies in Antarctic micrometeorites.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5038.

Heck P. R., Floss C., and Davis A. M. (2013)
Stardust in the Sutter’s Mill meteorite.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5070.

Lewis J. B., Isheim D., Floss C., Daulton T. L., Seidman D. N., Heck P. R., Davis A. M., Pellin M. J., Savina M. R., Hiller J., Mane A., Elam J. W., and Stephan T. (2013)
Atom-probe measurements of meteoritic nanodiamonds and terrestrial standards.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5296.

Orthous-Daunay F. R., Thissen R., Vuitton V., Moynier F., and Zinner E. (2013)
Polymeric series of large nonpolar molecules found in Murchison by orbitrap mass spectrometry.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5247.

Varela M. E. and Zinner E. (2013)
Glass inclusions in the aubrite NWA 1235.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5043.

Zinner E., Hoppe P., and Pignatari M. (2013)
Evidence for short-lived 32Si in presolar SiC grains of type C.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 48, #5010.

44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Houston, TX, USA, March 18-22, 2013

Croat T. K., Amari S., and Bernatowicz T. J. (2013)
Isotopic and microstructural studies of low density graphites with extreme C anomalies.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2415.

Croat T. K., Floss C., Sosothikul S., Stadermann F. J., Kearsley A. T., and Burchell M. J. (2013)
FIB-TEM Investigations into the condition of refractory presolar phases after Stardust-like impacts.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2625.

Floss C., Stadermann F. J., Kearsley A. T., Burchell M. J., and Ong W. J. (2013)
Determination of presolar grain abundances in samples from comet 81P/Wild 2.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1133.

Fujiya W., Hoppe P., and Zinner E. (2013)
A possible supernova origin of type AB presolar silicon carbide grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1535.

Groopman E. E., Zinner E. K., and Bernatowicz T. J. (2013)
C, Ca, and Ti isotopes: on the origins of high- and low-density presolar graphite grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1757.

Haenecour P. and Floss C. (2013)
Presolar silica grains in meteorites: identification of a supernova silica grain in the CO3.0 chondrite LaPaz 031117.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1024.

Haenecour P., Floss C., Jolliff B. L., and Carpenter P. (2013)
Presolar grains in fine-grained chondrule rims: re-equilibration of oxygen isotopic compositions in some presolar silicates by heating.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1150.

Jadhav M., Pignatari M., Herwig F., Zinner E., Gallino R., and Huss G. R. (2013)
Presolar graphite grains from post-AGB stars.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1963.

Jadhav M., Schmitz S., Croat T. K., Brenker F. E., Schmitt M., Vekemans B., Vincze L., Schoonjans T., Wellenreuther G., De Samber B., Falkenberg G., Burghammer M., and Huss G. R. (2013)
Nano-synchrotron XRF and XRD: a powerful non-destructive technique for in-situ chemical and structural analyses of presolar grains.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2928.

Lewis J. B., Podosek F., Bernatowicz T., Floss C., Gyngard F., and Nittler L. R. (2013)
Statistical constraints on 13C/12C anomalies in Allende nanodiamonds by NanoSIMS analysis.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2506.

Liu N., Savina M. R., Davis A. M., Gallino R., Straniero O., Gyngard F., Pellin M., Willingham D. G., Dauphas N., Pignatari M., and Hervig F. (2013)
New lessons learned about stellar nucleosynthesis from barium isotopic composition of presolar SiC from the Murchison meteorite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2507.

Meshik A., Hohenberg C. M., Pravdivtseva O., and Burnett D. S. (2013)
Xenon isotopes in aluminum solar wind collectors from Genesis mission.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #3103.

Olinger C. T., Maurette M., Das J. P., and Meshik A. (2013)
Noble gas contents of unmelted Cap-Prudhomme “giant micrometeorites”.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2278.

Ong W. J. and Floss C. (2013)
Fe isotope nucleosynthesis: constraints from Fe isotopic analyses of presolar silicate grains from Acfer 094.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1163.

Orthous-Daunay F. R. and Gyngard F. (2013)
Sulfur isotopic composition of HF/HCl residues from type 1 and 2 carbonaceous chondrites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #2604.

Pravdivtseva O., Meshik A., and Hohenberg C. M. (2013)
The I-Xe record: early onset of aqueous alteration in magnetites separated from CM and CV carbonaceous chondrites.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #3104.

Varela M. E. and Zinner E. (2013)
Glass-bearing inclusions in Shergotty.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1501.

Zega T. J. and Floss C. (2013)
Extraction and analysis of a presolar oxide grain from the Adelaide ungrouped C2 chondrite.
Lunar Planet. Sci. XLIV, #1287.”