NanoSIMS Open House

On April 5, 2002 we held an open house to celebrate the successful operation of the NanoSIMS to introduce the instrument to our colleagues, and to thank all of those who made the acquisition possible. The event consisted of a brief introduction into the history and technical aspects of the NanoSIMS, followed by tours of the laboratory with food and drink. Among the invited VIPs were John F. McDonnell, chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, Edward S. Macias, executive vice chancellor and dean of Arts & Sciences, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton, and Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth. The opening remarks were made by Robert M. Walker and Roger J. Phillips, former and current directors of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences. A brief overview of why the NanoSIMS is such an exciting new type of instrument was then given by Frank J. Stadermann.

The Washington University newspaper “Record” had two articles about this event that contain some more detailed information:

NanoSIMS – Ion microprobe opens doors for possibilities

Measuring Stardust

The open house was attended by more than 100 people.
Roger Phillips gave an overview of the activities of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences.
Bob Walker explained how he first became interested in the NanoSIMS project.
Walker thanked all the people whose contributions have made the acquisition possible.
Bob Walker led the ‘VIP group’ to the NanoSIMS lab (Walker, Macias, Wrighton, McDonnell).
McDonnell, Wrighton, Danforth, Stadermann
Stadermann, Macias, Wrighton, Danforth, McDonnell
Danforth, McDonnell, Stadermann
Stadermann explaining details of NanoSIMS sample mounting
Wrighton, Danforth, Walker, Macias, McDonnell, Stadermann